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How to extend the life of pipe bending machine

The timing and ways of using the pipe bending machine are getting more and more right, which also gives us a different way of knowing the pipe bending machine. It is very simple and convenient to use. Of course, with such a good device, what factors will affect his life? Originally, the life of the pipe bender was inseparable from his operation.

  • 1. When we are operating the pipe bending machine, we must ensure that the machine tool is properly grounded. It cannot be connected to a voltage higher than the voltage range, nor can it be plugged and unplugged under live conditions.
  • 2. Do not pull on the wires and cables when plugging and unplugging, to prevent pulling out.
  • 3. Do not use hard objects to hit the switch and the encoder.
  • 4. Do not touch the monitor with sharp objects.
  • 5. It is not allowed to modify and refit him by himself. Put the electrical box in a ventilated place to prevent operation in an environment with corrosive gas.
  • 6. Keep the machine tool clean, especially in the sliding grooves of the slider and the clamping block.
  • 7. Regular cleaning and inspection, of course, we must first disconnect the power when performing these operations.

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