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Ilmenite Properties and Beneficiation Process

Titanium is an important and widely used structural metal. Titanium alloys are widely used in various fields due to their high strength, good corrosion resistance, and high heat resistance. . Many countries in the world recognize the importance of titanium alloy materials. So far, high-temperature titanium alloy structure titanium alloy corrosion-resistant titanium alloy and high-strength titanium alloy have been developed. In the manufacture of aircraft engine compressor components, structural parts of rockets, missiles and high-speed aircraft And other important fields will play a broad role.
The biggest disadvantage of titanium is that it is difficult to refine. Therefore, in the stage of ore crushing, it is necessary to make full preparations for the subsequent extraction process as much as possible. Red Star Machine has done in-depth research for this.
Ilmenite is an oxide mineral of iron and titanium, and is the main ore for refining titanium. Ilmenite is heavy, gray to black, with a little metallic luster. The crystals are generally plate-shaped, and the crystals are aggregated into a massive or granular shape. The composition is FeTiO3. Containing TiO252.66%, it is the main mineral for extracting titanium and titanium dioxide. In Panzhihua iron ore in Sichuan, China, ilmenite is distributed between magnetite particles or in fissures and forms large deposits. The chemical composition of ilmenite is related to the formation conditions. The ilmenite produced in ultra-basic rocks and basic rocks has a high MgO content and basically does not contain Nb and Ta; the ilmenite in alkaline rocks has a high MnO content and contains Nb and Ta; The ilmenite in acid rock has high FeO and MnO contents, and relatively high Nb and Ta contents.
The ilmenite beneficiation equipment includes: inclined plate concentration grading box (graded according to particle size), wear-resistant spiral chute (abandoned tailings), weak magnetic separator (except strong magnetic minerals), strong magnetic separator (selected ilmenite), Flotation machine (floating sulfide, floating fine-grained ilmenite), electric separator (selected ilmenite), etc.
The beneficiation process flow mainly includes: “re-election-strong magnetic separation-flotation” and “re-election-strong magnetic separation-electric separation (desulfurization before selection)”, the selection must be strictly in accordance with the classification level , Take different processes.
The progress of human material civilization is often based on the discovery and application of new materials. Red Star Machinery is based on the cause of mining and strives to do its best for the material cause of the motherland.

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