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Advantages of turning and milling machine

Turning and milling composite machining realizes all or most of the processing procedures in one loading, which shortens the product manufacturing process chain and can significantly improve production efficiency.
The reduction of the number of card installations of the turning and milling compound processing machine avoids the accumulation of errors caused by multiple card installations, thereby improving the processing accuracy of the product and thus ensuring the pass rate of the finished product.
A lathe-milling machine can complete the work of two equipments, which not only saves labor but also reduces the floor space, which can effectively reduce the investment in fixed assets and the cost of production operation and management. The swiss turning and milling compound processing machine has the functions of turning, router milling and engraving at the same time.
Technical parameters of PTJ turning and milling composite processing machine:
Processing range: 5-60mm
Maximum stroke: 100mm
Roughness: Ra3.2
Verticality: 0.2/100mm
Total power: 3.7kW
Spindle motor power: 2.2kw
Oil pump motor power: 1.5kw
Fuel tank capacity: 80L
Spindle speed: 100-800 rpm; stepless speed regulation
Power supply: 380V3 phase 4 wire 50Hz
Dimensions: length 1600 width 900 height 1600mm
Machine tool net weight: 1300kg Model: YS-28
Sharpening diameter: 12-28mm
End angle range: 90-140
Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz
Dimensions: 430 (length) 300 (width) 250 (height) mm
Power: 0.35KW
Weight: 28Kg/set
Speed: 3800r/min
Collet range: ER12-28mm
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