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  • Technical essentials for precision machining types and guarantees

    Technical essentials for precision machining types and guarantees

    The development level of the manufacturing industry is related to the economic development of the entire country. Over the past 30 years, China’s manufacturing technology and capabilities have undergone major changes. However, there is still a long way to go for some high-tech and high-precision products compared with European and American countries. Only in the next 30 years can it be fully developed. This is a problem related to the prospects of China’s manufacturing industry. Chinese entrepreneurs have seen the opportunities and challenges in the market. If China’s manufacturing industry cannot develop to a higher level, there will be no

  • How to set the fourth axis for FANUC machining center manufacturers

    How to set the fourth axis for FANUC machining center manufacturers

    How to set the 4th axis in FANUC machining center? Is your encoder absolute? Or incremental? To be clear, it is enough to move the axis you want to the fixed point 1815ZPA=1 in absolute mode. If it is incremental (it depends on the position of the origin and the stopper depending on the bumper, it will look at the X9.0 origin position signal. It will be 3mm away. If you are familiar with it, you don’t need to say more. In the fanuc CNC system, how to make the A axis of the fourth axis of the machine tool

  • How to carry out correct maintenance on CNC machine tools

    How to carry out correct maintenance on CNC machine tools

    With the development of economy, the machinery industry has also developed correspondingly to a certain extent. In Shenzhen, CNC machine china tools have also been developed accordingly. The development of Shenzhen Meige Precision CNC Machine Tool has promoted the development of various types of machinery. Then, manufacturers in Shenzhen should understand the correct maintenance knowledge of CNC machine tools. Knowledge of correct maintenance of PTJ CNC machine tools includes the following aspects. PTJ product series is rich: Taiwan Yawei Longmen swiss machining center, Yawei pentahedron, Germany GROB horizontal five-axis machining center, vertical and horizontal CNC lathe, gantry machining center, high-speed

  • Problems In The Use Of CNC Machine Tools

    Problems In The Use Of CNC Machine Tools

    The numerical control machine tool adopts a digital control system, which can realize multi-axis linkage, realize the processing of three-dimensional shapes, and process parts with complex geometric shapes, which is very popular among people. In recent years, with the widespread application of CNC machine tools, people have a good understanding of CNC technology, and can also eliminate some common faults, thereby improving the utilization rate of the machine tool, but it is still more difficult for some uncommon faults . The following introduces several examples encountered in the maintenance of CNC machine tools in recent years for your reference. As

  • Research on the structure of horizontal turning center

    Research on the structure of horizontal turning center

    The horizontal turning center is a high-end product developed on ordinary CNC lathes, with compound processing capabilities such as turning, milling, drilling, and tapping. This kind of product can complete all or most of the processing of the workpiece in one clamping, reduce the workpiece transfer between the processes, avoid repeated clamping on different processing equipment of the workpiece, and realize the high-precision and high-efficiency processing of the workpiece. It is widely used in cnc machining of sophisticated and complex parts in the automotive, medical, aerospace and other industries.In addition to the structural characteristics of general CNC lathes, the turning

  • CNC system maintenance

    CNC system maintenance

  • CNC Machine Tools Breakdown And Classification

    CNC Machine Tools Breakdown And Classification

    The loss of all or part of the specified functions of the CNC machine tool is called the failure of the CNC machine tool. The failure rate of CNC machine tools has obvious changes with the use of time, and its shape is shown in Figure 7.1. Because the shape of a typical failure curve is similar to that of a bathtub, it is called a bathtub curve or a machine tool failure rate curve, which is divided into three stages. The first stage is the initial operating area, the curve is negative exponential, and the machine tool failure rate

  • Summary of the CNC machine tools fault diagnosis technology

    Summary of the CNC machine tools fault diagnosis technology

    The numerical control system is a high-tech intensive product. In order to quickly and correctly identify the cause and determine the location of its failure, it is necessary to resort to diagnostic technology. With the continuous development of microprocessors, diagnostic technology has also evolved from simple diagnosis to multifunctional advanced diagnosis or intelligentization. The strength of the diagnosis ability is also an important indicator to evaluate the performance of CNC numerical control system. The diagnostic techniques of various CNC systems currently used can be roughly divided into the following categories: 1. Online diagnosis Online diagnosis refers to the automatic diagnosis

  • Several Advantages Of 3 Axis CNC Machining

    Several Advantages Of 3 Axis CNC Machining

    As we all know, in many processing fields today, CNC technology is one of the most critical technology types. A CNC machining center that combines such technical characteristics is one of the equipment. Everyone cares about which technology is good in the CNC machining center, which also shows that the technical advantages of this type of equipment are very good, so finding a reliable CNC machining center is equivalent to cooperating with technology. So what are the outstanding advantages of CNC machining center equipment? 1. High degree of automation Everyone is more impressed that a good CNC machining center has

  • Reliable CNC Machining Center

    Reliable CNC Machining Center

    I believe that many friends who are concerned about the field of CNC technology are very familiar with the emerging CNC machining center equipment. This kind of equipment that integrates current processing control technology has important applications in many fields. It can be said that the selected CNC machining center supports the work in related fields, and some technical teams on the market have become recognized and reliable CNC machining centers through years of hard work. What are the characteristics of CNC machining center equipment that are more reliable? 1. Mature technology Obviously, the core technical maturity of the well-recognized

  • Unique Advantages Of CNC Machining Center

    Unique Advantages Of CNC Machining Center

    In recent years, more and more enterprises have changed traditional processing methods and converted to use CNC machining centers for manufacturing. CNC machining center is a type of equipment that is different from traditional CNC lathes, which can improve the production and processing efficiency of the enterprise, and has also received unanimous praise from the industry. So what are the advantages of CNC machining centers that make it so popular? 1. Able to integrate multiple processing tools The reason why the good CNC machining centers in the industry are popular is that these devices can integrate multiple processing tools, and

  • What should I do when preparing to place a surface grinder?

    What should I do when preparing to place a surface grinder?

    Surface grinding machines have a high frequency of use in industrial manufacturing processes, because the use of surface grinding machines can make the workpiece reach the flatness required by the design, so that the workpiece can meet the next processing conditions and allow the produced products to obtain Higher quality. However, some companies need to put the surface grinder for a certain period of time for some reasons. So, in order to avoid damage to the grinder, what should be done when preparing to place it? 1. Clean up before placing If you need to place a surface grinder with