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Common methods in control engineering of CNC vertical lathes

The method often used in CNC vertical lathe control engineering is: first establish a simplified model that is as linear as possible, and then obtain the approximate characteristics of the system on this basis. If necessary, use more complex models for further research. This step-by-step approximate research method is a commonly used method in engineering. The mathematical model of the control system of the CNC vertical lathe is not a rich control system that can use linearization. For some systems with strong nonlinearity, it is better to use nonlinear research methods to deal with them.

As a conveying tool for industrial automation loading and unloading, CNC vertical lathe manipulators are more and more favored by CNC machining shop. At present, mainstream machining automation production lines at home and abroad mainly have two forms: a machining automation production line composed of a truss-type CNC vertical lathe manipulator and a 6-axis industrial robot for loading and unloading to form a machining automatic production line. At present, in the automobile manufacturing industry, most of the automatic flexible processing lines for processing large quantities of key parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads and crankshafts use CNC vertical lathe robots for transportation.

The mathematical model of the CNC vertical lathe control system is usually not an easy task to establish an appropriate mathematical description for the actual control system. In addition to choosing a suitable modeling method, it is also necessary to deal with model simplification. problem. In order to accurately describe the mathematical relationship between the controlled quantity and the controlled quantity, various influencing factors and situations are generally involved, which often results in the relationship becoming very complicated. The more accurate the relationship between the controlled quantity and the controlled quantity is, the more complex the mathematical model is. An overly complex model is neither convenient for research nor conducive to the realization of the control system. In order to avoid this situation, it is generally necessary to make some reasonable assumptions and simplifications in order to properly idealize the system. An idealized physical system is usually called a physical model.