Machining Methods

Discuss the daily care of surface grinder together

So how to do mechanical maintenance and repair work, the following uses manual precision surface grinder as an example to tell you the importance of maintenance:

For precision surface grinders, first of all, his processing environment requirements are high, and processing environmental conditions When it is reached, the maintenance work can be done more thoroughly and effectively! The conditions of the precision surface grinder allow it to be best to work in an air-conditioned constant temperature workshop, so that it is conducive to the stability of mold processing and the workpiece is not deformed; second, the air-conditioning workshop is clean and easy to clean . The following focuses on the daily maintenance work of precision surface grinders: To ensure the grinding accuracy of the grinder, it must be carried out regularly and routinely:

  • 1. After every day’s work, the parts of the grinder are sliding parts, which should be wiped clean and oiled
  • 2. Use a clean cloth or a small brush to clean the abrasive debris from all parts.
  • 3. The necessary parts should be marked with anti-rust oil, such as spindle grinding head, grinding wheel flange, dial and other parts.
  • 4. It is strictly forbidden to use an air blow gun to clean the tabletop items and the grinder, because the blow gun should blow iron chips into the grinder track, causing damage to the rail guide, affecting accuracy and feel.
  • 5. Please pay attention to whether the transmission cable is loose and adjust it in time. Replace the wire rope should pay attention to the winding direction and tightness of the wire rope, because this directly affects the service life of the wire rope.
  • 6. Please pay attention to whether there is oil on the oil mirror above the grinder to ensure that the oil passage is smooth. For more information, you can refer to the introduction of professional grinding machine manufacturers. Each grinding machine will be equipped with special maintenance instructions.