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Features of CNC machine tools and main processing components

The high-efficiency CNC vertical lathe is suitable for precision machining high-strength cast iron bases and columns of small and medium-sized plates and covers. It has a vertical structure with good stability and seismic performance. It is convenient to clamp the workpiece and has a small footprint. The oil-water separation structure is adopted. The cooling water is clean and environmentally friendly. The long-lasting separated cooling water tank is easy to clean the precise and high-rigidity cartridge-type spindle structure, which is convenient for repairing the spindle sleeve. The fully symmetrical and suspended design can better eliminate the influence of thermal deformation on the machining accuracy. High-power AC spindle The motor enhances the stability of the machine’s operation. The spindle is lubricated with imported high-grade grease, fully enclosed, maintenance-free saddle, and column guide rails are over-heavy-load linear rolling guides, with good dynamic response performance, high accuracy retention, and high-quality six-station vertical Type electric tool post, high rigidity, rapid tool change, reliable centralized machine tool operation panel, making operation more convenient and fast. X/Z axis adopts high-precision ball screw and special ball screw bearing, which has good accuracy retention and integral fully enclosed protection , Environmentally friendly and clean.

Features of CNC vertical lathe:

  • 1. It has the accuracy and functions of a large-scale regular vertical car;
  • 2. Stepless speed regulation, main motor frequency conversion to change speed;
  • 3. Price economy, more scientific structure;
  • 4. Increase the power universal cnc  milling head.

Ordinary lathes are driven by gears and ordinary lead screws and nuts. Due to the gap between the motion pairs and the inaccurate manual operation, the repeat accuracy is low. Ordinary lathes need to be manually measured after the machine is stopped during measurement. The measurement error is large and the efficiency is low. It is suitable for small batches, low precision requirements, and zero-working parts. It has lower investment than CNC, but requires higher operating skills for workers, so the wage level is higher. The scrap rate and productivity of low-level workers will give you a headache.

CNC vertical lathes rely on stepping motors to drive the ball screw drive. Because the ball screw can have an interference, there is no backlash in the transmission, and the accuracy is mainly guaranteed by the machine tool itself and the program. It can be automatically measured during the machining process, and can automatically compensate for tool wear and other errors. Therefore, the cnc machining china quality is good and the precision is stable. You can also use the programming method to turn out parts that are complex in shape and difficult to machine on ordinary lathes. Suitable for parts with high precision, large batches and complex shapes. But small batch production is also very useful. Its maintenance costs are higher than ordinary lathes.
The vertical lathe is mainly used for large parts, and its main shaft is vertical. The vertical lathe is also CNC.
Due to the increasing shortage of high-tech talents, new companies now use CNC to increase productivity and product quality, and reduce scrap rate and costs.