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Introduction to the main features of CNC machine tools

The main features of CNC machine tools are: high performance, high precision and low noise. Compared with ordinary lathes, it has a higher degree of automation and can be combined with automatic feeding to form an automatic processing unit. The modern metal processing industry requires high-efficiency, high-profit, and low-cost processing methods. The compound machine tool has become one of the development trends of machine tool products. If the lathe and milling machine, which occupy a considerable proportion of the machine tool, can be combined, it will undoubtedly greatly improve the machine tool Processing range and work efficiency, improve processing accuracy, etc. Since the birth of the turning-milling compound machine tool in the last century, this type of machine tool has been developed rapidly and has been widely used.

CNC machine tools will effectively increase the width of their grinding to achieve the effect of increasing the number of abrasive particles involved in grinding. High-speed grinding of CNC machine tools is one of the important ways to improve grinding efficiency. High-speed grinding refers to a grinding method with a grinding wheel speed above 50m/s. The speed of the grinding wheel of the CNC machine tool is very high when it is running. During the grinding process of the equipment, the grinding wheel, which can be effectively used as its cutting tool, cuts the workpiece at a very high speed. During high-speed grinding, the grinding wheel The line speed can be as high as 200m/s

The reason why CNC machine tools drill faster is because the CNC machine tools have a high spindle speed. Starting from the beginning of the CNC machine tool spindle speed of 12000rpm, the speed is gradually increasing. At present, the mainstream CNC machine tools in the market are all above 20000rpm. Some It even reaches a speed of 25000~30000rpm. The high speed mainly determines the drilling speed of the horizontal center. We mentioned above that the fast drilling speed of CNC machine tools is mainly due to the relatively high spindle speed of CNC machine tools. In fact, there are some other factors. One is the rapid displacement block of CNC machine tools, which are basically 48M/min. Above, high-end ones are even above 60M/min. This is also an indispensable part of determining the machining efficiency of CNC machine tools. The second is the fast tool change speed. CNC machine tools have a tool magazine different from ordinary machining centers. We usually call it a flying disc tool magazine. The tool change speed of this kind of tool magazine only takes about 1 second. These two factors also make a great contribution to improving the drilling speed of CNC machine tools.