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Main functions of horizontal machining center

  • 1. Horizontal machining center, suitable for drilling, reaming, reaming, countersinking, and tapping on medium and large metal parts. The handles, buttons and other operations of the main functional actions of the hydraulic horizontal machining center are not seen. On the headstock.
  • 2. The outer column strand swing arm rotates around the inner column ±180º;
  • 3. The rocker is raised and lowered along the outer column;
  • 4. The headstock of the horizontal cnc machining center moves left and right along the rocker rail;
  • 5. Spindle box: complete the transformation, feed and operation of the spindle at all levels, the spindle speed scale is 25-2000r/min, a total of 16 levels, can be completed by rotating the assembly operation handwheel (the spindle speed preselection button); the spindle feed scale is 0.04 -3.2mm/r has 16 levels, which can be completed by rotating the assembly operation hand wheel (the spindle feed amount preselection button).
  • 6. Rocker arm lifting and clamping: The rocker arm lifting is driven by the motor at the top of the column and driven by the screw nut to complete the rocker arm lifting. The lifting nut is equipped with a secure nut to ensure that the rocker arm cannot fall suddenly; the rocker arm is clamped by a hydraulically driven diamond block. After clamping, the diamond block is self-locking; the rocker arm is raised or lowered after the quick action is completed. The arm is actively clamped and controlled by an electrical switch mounted on the cylinder.
  • 7. The spindle box and the column are clamped: the spindle box and the column are hydraulically driven, and the diamond block is clamped. The two actions can be performed together or separately. The selection button is the knob on the headstock panel (select the knob for the headstock column quickly), the center position is clamping, the left is the column alone, and the right is the headstock. Clamping, the action completion button is the release button of the spindle box column and the button of the spindle box column clamping.