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Programming of mazak horizontal machining center

The programming technology of vertical CNC machining centers has always been the core part of CNC lathes. How to write program instructions accurately plays an extremely important role in the operation and precise operation of the lathe. It tells the machine how to perform operations and accomplish the purpose of cutting machinery.

The multi spindle axis of the horizontal machining center is parallel to the worktable surface. Most of its worktables are CNC rotary tables controlled by servo motors. In one-time clamping of the workpiece, the rotation of the worktable can realize the processing of multiple processing surfaces, which is suitable for Box-type workpiece processing. The composite horizontal machining center mainly refers to a machining center with two vertical and horizontal spindles or the spindle can change the angle by 90°, so it can realize the processing of five faces in a workpiece clamping.

There are usually two programming methods:

  • ①Simple contours-contours composed of straight lines and arcs, programmed directly with G codes of the CNC system.
  • ②Complex contours-three-dimensional curved surface contours. Use automatic programming software (CAD/CAM) to draw three-dimensional graphics in the computer, set various corresponding parameters according to the surface type, and automatically generate CNC machining programs.

The above two programming methods can basically meet the requirements of CNC machining. However, it is very difficult to process the contour of the function equation curve, because the early milling machine CNC system does not have the function of function calculation, and the processing program of the function equation curve cannot be compiled directly with G code. (lower version) CAD/CAM software usually does not It has the function of directly inputting graphics from equations. Therefore, the cutting function equation curve contour is usually used: calculate the coordinates of each point on the curve according to the requirements of the drawing, and then use the straight line or arc instruction code to compile the program according to the calculated coordinate value, and manually enter the system for processing.

Zach Horizontal Machining Center 5000 cannot be programmed to set the tool life. The life of the tool is random. A wrong cutting, or even the workpiece hits the tool, may cause the tool to malfunction or even be destroyed, so there is no tool life. Because of the linear law, the tool life cannot be set. The tool is judged manually based on experience. Once damaged, it must be replaced.