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The linearization problem of ordinary machine tool control system

In order to facilitate the processing, the modeling problems encountered by the students in the learning process are generally carried out based on a given physical model, and rarely start directly from the actual controlled object. Another problem often encountered in the mathematical model modeling of ordinary machine tool control systems is linearization. Strictly speaking, actual physical systems are all linear systems, but the degree of nonlinearity is different. However, many systems can be approximated as linear systems under certain conditions. Linear systems have secondary and superimposability, which can greatly simplify the design and analysis of the system.

Because of the high conveying speed of the ordinary machine tool manipulator, the acceleration is large, and the acceleration and deceleration time is short. When transporting heavier workpieces, the inertia is large. Therefore, the servo drive motor must have sufficient driving and braking capabilities, and the supporting components must also have sufficient rigidity and strength. Only in this way can the servo motor meet the high response, high rigidity and high precision requirements of the truss manipulator conveying. Under the condition of selecting the appropriate servo motor, the ordinary machine tool manipulator calculates the displacement and trajectory of the servo system according to the distance of the material movement and the running beat, and dynamically adjusts the PID parameters of the driver.

The oxidation of ordinary machine tools during use is very important, which will affect the service life of the equipment to a certain extent. Therefore, it needs to be taken seriously and must not be careless. After each operation of ordinary machine tools, things, fixtures and The measuring tools should be cleaned, and the bed should be cleaned, and the surrounding environment should be cleaned to keep the environment tidy. Ordinary machine tools need to check the oil level, whether it needs to be increased, if it needs to be increased in time, check the cooling pump in the equipment, check whether there is any doubt, check all operating handles effectively, and adjust the thimble.

Ordinary machine tools can effectively check the screws. If they are loose, they need to be tightened in time, and the accessories should be cleaned to maintain cleanliness. The equipment needs to smooth the smooth parts, and pay attention to the smoothness in place when using it. Ensure that the machine can operate normally. Ordinary cnc machine tools can effectively check the spindle hole, whether it needs to be adjusted when in use, the feed organization and the longitudinal manual organization of the work table should be checked, whether there is any doubt, and how smooth it is. Check and clean the oil tank and filter to prevent the appearance of blockage.