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The role of lubricating oil in horizontal boring and milling machines

When using some lathe equipment for product processing, lubrication and cooling are required to improve the quality of product processing. When using CNC horizontal boring and milling machines, we must also pay attention to the addition of these lubricants. The increase of cooling lubricant is not simple. Things, we need to add appropriate lubricants according to the nature of the processed products, so as to ensure the processing quality of CNC horizontal boring and milling machines, let’s take a look at the role of different lubricants in our processing.

Cooling lubricant is mainly used to reduce the temperature and reduce friction, thereby improving the durability of the tool and the surface quality of the parts, so the cooling lubricant must be selected and used correctly. A good cooling lubricant should be harmless to the health of workers, non-corrosive milling and boring machines, It is non-flammable, non-deteriorating, and inexpensive. Cooling-based aqueous solutions for cooling lubricating fluids-this category includes soapy water, emulsions and other liquids.

This type of coolant has large specific heat and high fluidity. It can absorb the most heat and reduce the cutting temperature. It is generally used for rough machining. It is not suitable for precision boring on coordinate horizontal boring and milling machines. Lubrication-based oils Cooling lubricating fluid-this category includes oils and vegetable oils.

This kind of liquid has poor specific heat, but good lubricating performance, which can reduce friction and improve surface finish. It is mostly used for precision boring. However, mixed oils of vegetable or animal oils, kerosene and oil solutions containing surface active substances are also commonly used.

No cooling lubricant is used when boring cast iron workpieces, but in order to improve the surface finish of the workpiece, low-speed boring cast iron can also be added with an appropriate amount of kerosene.