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The secret of designing plastic mold inserts

Plastic mold processing plants design inserts. Inserting inserts into injection molded products can increase local strength, hardness, dimensional accuracy and set small threaded holes (shafts) to meet various special needs and increase product costs. Today PTJ plastic mold processing The factory will make an insert knowledge popularization for everyone.

The requirements and details of the plastic mold processing plant for the insert are as follows: generally copper, but also other metal or plastic parts. The part of the insert embedded in the plastic should be designed with anti-rotation and anti-pulling structure. Such as: knurling, hole, bending, flattening, shaft shoulder, etc. The plastic around the insert should be appropriately thickened to prevent stress cracking of the plastic. When designing the insert, the positioning method (hole, pin, magnetism) in the mold should be fully considered.

Plastic plastic mold processing plants require careful use and design step by step from the materials used to the design of the insert to better ensure the quality of the mold.