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What type of tool magazine is used for horizontal machining centers

In fact, whether it is an imported horizontal machining center, a Taiwan horizontal machining center or a domestic horizontal machining center, as far as the horizontal machining center itself is concerned, even if it is the same brand, the same model of horizontal machining center, the configuration is different. The price is also different. The CNC system is equivalent to the brain of the horizontal machining center, and all the actions and programs of the machining center are completed by it. The mainstream systems currently on the market are: foreign system brands, Mitsubishi Japan, Fanuc (Fanuc), Germany Siemens, it should be noted that these systems are bundled with three-axis servo motors, that is, if your system is Mitsubishi , You must purchase Mitsubishi servo drives and motors;

Large-scale gears and transmission devices are listed as the development focus, and the horizontal machining center processing technology of large-scale gears will be rapidly improved and developed. With the rapid development of large-scale gear processing technology, related equipment such as machine tools, cutting tools, and testing instruments also have new requirements. After more than 3,000 years of evolution, the shape of the gear tooth profile has evolved from a straight line to a complex curve dominated by an involute; gear materials have evolved from original wood to various high-performance materials dominated by steel; processing methods are also From the development of hand-made and casting to high-efficiency processing dominated by metal cutting horizontal machining centers, the changes in every element reflect the progress and development of gear technology, which greatly enhances the performance of gears.

The grinding wheel carriage guide of the horizontal machining center adopts the cross-roller rigid guide. The equipment adopts its semi-automatic feeding mechanism and its rotary oil cylinder. The tailstock shaft system of the equipment has the characteristics of gap-free rigidity, electrical box, hydraulic box cooling box Separated from the machine tool. The bearing of the grinding wheel spindle of the horizontal machining center effectively adopts its tapered shaped oil wedge dynamic pressure bearing. During operation, the spindle of the grinding wheel still has high bearing stiffness at low speeds, and the grinding wheel carriage guide adopts cross-roller rigidity. guide. Under normal circumstances, a horizontal machining center has a grinding indicator and a coolant filter to a certain extent, and the headstock speed of the equipment has the AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation. The electrical of the entire equipment uses a programmable program controller. It has the function of self-diagnosis when in use. a