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Working principle of lathe tool magazine of vertical machining center

The vertical machining center can effectively choose various types of diamond dressing devices when in use, so that precise CNC dressing can be realized, and it can be automatically compensated, and it is equipped with an active measuring device to achieve full closed-loop control of grinding cnc machining. The vertical machining center is mainly composed of grinding wheel frame, head frame, bed, workbench, tail frame and other parts in the production process. The bed of the vertical machining center adopts large round holes and shark fin-shaped ribs. After long-term use , The machine tool has good dynamic and static stiffness. The working table of the vertical machining center can be divided into upper and lower table to grind the conical surface. The machine bed and the guide rail of the working table adopt plastic guide rails, and the friction coefficient is small. The worktable is directly driven by the servo motor to move the ball screw, and the movement is stable and reliable. The grinding wheel spindle system has high rotation accuracy and strong rigidity. The linear speed of the grinding wheel can reach 60m/s; the linear speed of the CBN grinding wheel can reach 80m/s.

The working principle of the vertical lathe tool magazine: The turning tool is pre-installed on the tool holder, and then the tool holder is placed on the radial position of the tool holder frame in turn. When the tool needs to be changed, the CNC system issues a command to drive the servo motor , The anti-backlash gear drives the large gear ring to rotate the corresponding angle, so that the corresponding tool rotates to the tool change position. At this time, the vertical tool post enters the tool change position, removes the tool holder, and returns to the workpiece position to continue processing the next process. The rotating motion of the grinding wheel of a vertical machining center generally does not require speed adjustment, and a three-phase asynchronous motor can be used to drive it, and only one-way rotation is required. When the capacity is large, it can be started by Y-triangular depressurization. In order to ensure its cnc machining accuracy, make it run smoothly, and ensure that the inertia of the worktable is small and no impact when the reciprocating movement of the worktable is reversed, hydraulic transmission is adopted to realize the reciprocating movement of the worktable and the grinding wheel. The box feeds horizontally.

The strength, history, assembly ability, and quality control of a manufacturer determine the quality, performance, and accuracy of a vertical machining center. Therefore, the choice of the manufacturer is particularly important. Then, in the face of many vertical machining centers on the market, which brand of vertical machining Is the center better? Is it cost-effective? Comprehensive analysis of various aspects, I recommend Liande machine tools for you here for the following reasons:

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  • 2. Technical support: Liande Machine Tool pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and continuously introduces advanced production technology, and continuously innovates and develops. The vertical machining center produced has unique advantages in intelligence, automation, and digitalization.
  • 3. Strict precision testing: It has advanced testing equipment such as the US photodynamic laser interferometer, the British Renishaw ballbar, and the Swedish Hexagon three-coordinate measuring instrument to ensure product quality.
  • 4. Green and environmental protection: Liande machine tools incorporate energy-saving and environmental-friendly elements to ensure green production and efficient work during the production process.