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WHAT IS 3-axis machining?

3-axis machining is performed by linear feed axes X, Y, and Z. Machining characteristics: The direction of the cutting tool remains unchanged during the movement along the entire cutting path. The cutting state of the tool tip cannot be perfect in real time.
3 Axis movement controlled by high-precision servomotors, especially in fields such as aluminum window, door, curtain wall, industrial fabrication, aerospace, rail transit, new energy vehicle and so on to guarantee the processing accuracy.


PTJ Shop provides complete machining procedures such as roughing, residual compensation, finishing, and root cleaning for three-axis curved surface machining. Each process can choose the appropriate machining strategy according to the different surface characteristics. Efficiently generate safe and high-quality machining paths to meet the needs of machining industries such as precision molds and industrial products.

The Advantages of 3 axis machining in PTJ shop

Multiple machining strategies

  1. Roughing of layered areas
  2. Surface residual material repairing
  3. Surface finishing
  4. Surface rooting
  5. Group plane machining
  6. Projection deepening roughing
  7. Guided machining

Improve surface quality

  1. Refined curved shape to ensure even machining allowance
  2. Parallel cross-sectional path supports extending along the boundary to ensure smooth path
  3. Guided machining function to improve the machining quality of small grooves and streamlined surfaces

Efficiently generate paths

  1. Root clearing path function, effectively remove the residual material in the concave corners and grooves of the surface
  2. Automatically identify model plane features and generate paths to improve path generation efficiency
  3. Based on the actual residual material model, accurately calculate the residual path

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