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5-axis machining means that there are at least 5 coordinate axes (three linear coordinates and two rotation coordinates) on a machine tool, and they can be processed simultaneously by coordinated movement under the control of a computer numerical control (CNC) system.
5-axis linkage CNC machine tool is a high-tech and high-precision machine tool specially used for machining complex curved surfaces. This machine tool system is suitable for a country’s aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other industries. Has a decisive influence.


  1. Can effectively avoid tool interference
  2. For straight-grained parts, side milling can be used
  3. For the general three-dimensional profile, especially the relatively flat large surface, the end surface of the large diameter end mill can be processed close to the surface
  4. It can process multiple surfaces and multi-processes on multiple spatial surfaces on the workpiece at one time
  5. During 5-axis machining, the tool can be in the most effective cutting state relative to the workpiece surface. Even error distribution on the surface of the part
  6. In some machining occasions, larger-size tools can be used to avoid interference for machining


The 5-axis turn and mill technology is typical of multi-axis machining technology. The 5-axis turn and mill center is the carrier of the 5-axis turn and mill technology. It refers to a type of turn function, which integrates functions such as mill and boring. It has at least 3 A linear feed axis and 2 circumferential feed axes, and a general term for a machine tool equipped with an automatic tool change system.

This turn-mill machining center was developed on the basis of a three-axis turn center, which is equivalent to the compounding of a turn center and a machining center. It is a compound machining technology developed in the 1990s and is a traditional Based on mechanical design technology and precision manufacturing technology, advanced mechanical machining technology integrating modern advanced control technology, precision measurement technology and CAD / CAM application technology. The advanced nature of the 5-axis turn and mill center is reflected in its design concept. In the general concept of machining, the machining of one part ranges from one or two processes to hundreds of processes. It needs to be processed by multiple equipments, and tools and fixtures must be prepared.

For complex parts, the preparation of a set of tooling takes three to 5 months. Even if economic costs are not taken into account, three or 5 months are likely to miss many commodity opportunities and strategic opportunities. In mass production industries such as automobiles and home appliances, in order to improve efficiency and automation, automated production lines are widely used. The huge logistics system constitutes a major part of the automated line. It is also a part that occupies money, occupies a lot of land, and is also a part that is frequently faulty. For the machining of complex shapes, logistics is a big problem. The multiple clamping and reference conversion of parts sometimes bring unnecessary processes, and at the same time, the accuracy of parts machining is lost. The 5-axis turn and mill complex machining center solves this problem from the design concept. It is a clamping, which completes all or most of the procedures in the machining range, achieving a leap from composite machining to complete machining.


Whether it is traditional 5-face mill or high-end precision 5-axis mill, PTJ SHOP provides you with complete and efficient mill services. Other highlights include a spatial accuracy better than 15 µm, a wide range of workable workpiece sizes, a workpiece weight of up to 40 t and a movement stroke of up to 6 meters.

Based on the product line of 5 universal machining centers with pallet exchange systems, PTJ SHOP provides customers with the correct mill processing solutions, including automatic 5-sided machining and 5-axis simultaneous mill. Not only has high dynamic performance and excellent proximity performance and operating comfort, but also ensures high productivity flexibility and high-performance cutting capabilities and high precision. 5-axis technology can not only meet the processing requirements of a large number of geometric shapes, but also a variety of spindles specially optimized for processing tasks make CNC mill processing technology suitable for a wider range of application conditions. For example, from the difficult-to-cut materials in the aerospace industry, to the high precision and high surface quality requirements of the tool and mold manufacturing industry.