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The shape of the machining surface of milling machine is generally composed of straight lines, arcs or other curves. Ordinary milling machine operators according to the requirements of drawings. Constantly change the relative position between the tool and the workpiece, and then cooperate with the selected milling cutter speed, so that the tool can cut the workpiece to process a variety of different shapes of workpieces.
CNC machine tool machining is to divide the movement coordinates of the tool and the workpiece into the smallest unit amount, that is, the minimum displacement amount. According to the requirements of the workpiece program, the numerical control system moves each coordinate by several minimum displacements, so as to realize the relative movement of the tool and the workpiece to complete the machining of the part.


  1. Parts machining has strong adaptability and flexibility, and can process parts with particularly complicated contour shapes or difficult to control the size, such as mold parts, shell parts, etc .
  2. Can process parts that cannot be processed by ordinary machine tools or difficult to process, such as complex curved parts described by mathematical models and 3D space curved parts;
  3. It can process parts that need to be processed in multiple processes after one clamping and positioning;
  4. High machining precision, stable and reliable machining quality, the pulse equivalent of numerical control device is generally 0.001mm, and the high-precision numerical control system can reach 0.1μm. In addition, numerical control machining also avoids operator errors;
  5. High degree of production automation can reduce the labor intensity of the operator. Conducive to production management automation;
  6. High production efficiency, CNC milling machines generally do not need to use special process equipment such as special fixtures, and only need to call the machining programs, clamping tools and tool data stored in the CNC device when changing workpieces, which greatly reduces production cycle. Secondly, the CNC milling machine has the functions of a milling machine, a boring machine, and a drilling machine, which makes the process highly concentrated and greatly improves the production efficiency. In addition, the spindle speed and feed speed of CNC milling machines are continuously variable, so it is beneficial to choose the optimal cutting amount;


Milling services are an integral phase of industrial production. As the world’s leading CNC machining service provider, PTJ Shop not only provides tailor-made milling services, but also provides end-to-end solutions with comprehensive process ERP to meet user needs-all applicable to the entire life cycle of machine tools. Our milling centers ensure higher technical standards. Therefore, the services of PTJ Shop increase your productivity.


  • —–  Comprehensive CNC machining center product line, from 3-axis machining to 5-axis machining
  • —– Unique precision machine tool structure
  • —– Moving column, gantry and bridge machining centers
  • —– Vertical, A-axis, B-axis or angle milling heads, multiple types and interchangeable milling heads
  • —– X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis travel up to 6,000mm and workpiece weight up to 120t
  • —– Suitable for processing materials in all hardness ranges
  • —– Guarantees high performance, high surface quality and high long-term accuracy
  • —– Excellent processing area access performance and visibility


Our vertical machining centers meet all your requirements and are suitable for machining any required workpiece. Equipped with a high-performance milling spindle, an innovative cooling system and all conventional tool systems as well as a milling cutter fast system. Equipped with Siemens, HEIDENHAIN, Mitsubishi and Fanuc high-tech CNC systems to help you complete high-precision complex machining tasks. The PTJ SHOP milling department meets stringent standards and is your ideal production solution.


Do you need your supplier’s ability to perform universal machining of different batches of workpieces? Do you need to produce workpieces in high volume with high automation? Do you need a high-speed solution with a highly dynamic linear motor? Or do you want to use a motor spindle with a torque of 1600Nm for heavy cutting? PTJ Shop meets your special production requirements, meets your individual requirements, and strives to become an expert in horizontal CNC milling technology around you.


As a leader in 5-axis milling services in China, we provide comprehensive universal milling services. With a spatial accuracy of less than 15µm, a workpiece weight of 120t or a machining stroke of 6m, our 5-axis milling machining center is omnipotent. Our universal machining centers are equipped with automation functions, such as pallet exchange systems or workpiece management systems, so they have greater flexibility and versatility, high-performance cutting, high dynamic accuracy, and excellent approach performance. From automated 5-sided machining to high-end 5-axis simultaneous milling, PTJ Shop’s 5-axis milling service is your safe haven.

PTJ Shop meets or exceeds the quality standards of the world’s most demanding industries with our state of the art equipment and trained professionals. To learn more or to obtain a no-obligation estimate from PTJ on an upcoming milling project, contact us.