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Cnc Turning is section of cnc machining. Cnc Turning mainly uses metal toolings to turn workpiece. Drills, reamers, reamers, taps, dies and knurling tools can also be used on the lathe for corresponding processing. Lathes are mainly used for machining shafts, disks, sleeves and other workpieces with rotating surfaces. They are the most widely used machine tools in machinery manufacturing and repair plants.


  1. Easy to ensure the position accuracy of each processing surface of the workpiece
    a.for example, it is easy to ensure coaxiality requirements
    use a chuck to mount the workpiece, the axis of rotation is the axis of rotation of the lathe spindle;Use front and rear centers to mount the workpiece, the axis of rotation is the center line between the two centers is easy to ensure that the perpendicularity of the end surface and the axis requires the perpendicularity of the horizontal slide rail to the workpiece rotation axis
  2. The cutting process is relatively stable
    avoiding inertia and impact forces, allowing a large amount of cutting, high-speed cutting, which is conducive to improving productivity.
  3. Suitable for finishing of non-ferrous metal parts
    When the surface roughness of non-ferrous metal parts is large and the Ra value is small, it is not suitable to use grinding processing, and turning or milling is required. High quality when diamond turning tools are used for fine turning.
  4. The tool is simple
    turning tools are easier to manufacture, sharpen and install.


Whether it’s the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology or other areas of production and production of metalworking: turning services are required wherever turned parts are manufactured. At PTJ SHOP, you will find the most powerful and innovative CNC-turning capabilities available today, exactly the type you need for your production. Our modular system uses high-tech components that can be tailored to your individual needs. For the smooth running of your turning project, we also provide you with a 24/7 online chat service.


  • —– Powerful, flexible and easy-to-use turning center
  • —– Different sizes, designs and equipment
  • —– Personalized part processing for your specific requirements
  • —– Automation and digital production
  • —– 24/7 service
  • —– Regardless of the situation, defective parts packages are returned


They are all-rounders in turning centers: CNC-controlled universal turning centers by PTJ Shop Used. Spindle drive up to 12,080 Nm for maximum cutting performance. These turning centers are characterized by large turning diameters up to ø930mm, optimal chip for extremely accurate results:

  • —– Counterspindle for 6-sided complete machining
  • —– Y-axis for eccentric milling of complex workpieces
  • —– Bigbore shaft with apertures up to 375 mm
  • —– Machining of workpieces up to Ø 930 mm in diameter and turning lengths up to 6,000 mm
  • —– Flat guides for optimal damping characteristics and dynamic rigidity


Our Turn & Mill turning center allows simultaneous turning and milling on one machine. These turning and milling centers are equipped with available counter-spindles for complete machining of all 6 side workpieces. The integrated B axis is equipped with direct drive. As a result, Turn & Mill machines can also perform 5-axis CNC milling of complex workpieces with free-form surfaces.

  • —– Use one of our powerful Turn & Mill machines for multiple operation steps
  • —– For 5-axis simultaneous machining, up to 220 Nm
  • —– More efficient production and machining


For the production of parts for drive technology, hydraulics and fluid technology, users have relied on PTJ Shop’s vertical turning services for many years. In addition, the advantages of the PTJ Cnc Turning service are the short tool change time and the integrated automation system that can be designed according to customer requirements. These are its plus points. In addition, the PTJ vertical Cnc Turning machines use a turning and milling rocker to efficiently produce constant velocity joints. The user-friendly control and operation interface as well as the grinding process make the part completion plan almost perfect.


Our turret horizontal production turning centers have up to three turrets with three Y-axis and one B-axis. With up to three tool holders, our horizontal production turning centers are ideal for batch processing of bars and discs.

  The unique design of the cross movement of the double turret and counter spindle tailstock in the machining area allows the turning center to simultaneously process in two independent machining spaces. On the one hand, long workpieces can be machined on a turning center, for example using a 4-axis tailstock machining axis. On the other hand, collision-free machining of long parts on the main and counter-spindles can be achieved.

The turret horizontal production turning center is specifically for the production of crankshafts or camshafts.