3D Printed Personalized Customization Platform Interaction Design Research Results

With the improvement of living standards, users’ personalized demands have begun to appear in all aspects of life, combined with 3D printing technology and the Internet, personalized customization has given new life. At present, the use of 3D printing for personalized customization is still a relatively unfamiliar way of production and consumption for users. The main difference is reflected in the process of customization behavior (for designer users, it is the process of providing design), which requires the use of interactive design. It is very necessary to establish a humanized link between technology and users.

If the internal and external motivation of consumers for online personalized customization can be satisfied when customizing the system design, the satisfaction and purchase willingness of consumers will be And re-use willingness, etc. will have an impact. Based on the research on user needs and behaviors, the design of a personalized customization platform based on 3D printing is proposed. The following are the main tasks completed:

First, it analyzes the user needs of the platform and defines the main user types of the platform: designer users, customized users, equipment providers, and platform administrators. The focus is on the collaboration methods and collaboration methods of designer users, customized users, and platform administrators. Relations in specific tasks. Split the specific goals of the three types of users.

Sampling and analysis of similar products in the existing market, using the method of usability testing to define the problem domain of the existing design, and using the general framework and characteristic framework as the unit to explore the behavior and mental models of users in the use of customized 3D PRINTING services. The interaction framework and design rules of platform behavior design, and propose interaction design ideas for user behavior triggering and guidance.

Establish user context based on user goals, establish the tasks and priorities of the platform, formulate the interaction framework of the platform according to the user behavior patterns summarized in the research, determine the functional elements and content requirements that support the platform, and complete the behavior design process of the platform.

Mainly from the perspective of interaction design, the user’s most natural behavior and mental model in the process of accepting 3D printing customization services are studied, and the design process of the 3D printing personalized customization platform is proposed, and the first phase of platform construction is completed. In the follow-up research work, in-depth mainly in the following two aspects:

Study the interaction between users in the modeling process and the platform in online self-service customization, mainly considering reducing the learning cost of non-designer users when using modeling tools, and increasing the pleasure of online modeling process, as a guide for development Online self-customization tool.

Evaluation and iteration of the platform. The use of 3D printing to achieve personalized customization is an emerging service model and has strong development potential. The user group in the market is being cultivated. After the market is launched, a large number of user feedbacks will be collected to further improve the design of the platform.

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