Accurate positioning of vertical machining center manufacturers increases stability!

The working table of the vertical machining center manufacturer adopts 4 positioning cones for precise positioning, and the air blowing and hydraulic pull rod on the common cone surface ensure the rigidity and precision of the working table to maintain high stability. Optional high-efficiency active interchangeable working table, working table positioning accuracy 1 degree or 0.001 degree (optional). Vertical machining center manufacturers This machine tool is a four-axis three-linkage detailed horizontal machining center, which can be expanded to four-linkage. The machine tool is a high-precision, high-efficiency and high-flexibility machine tool. The machine tool can be equipped with six-station pallets for active exchange assembly of workpieces (ie: APC), and can stop long-term unattended mixed-flow processing (ie flexible processing units). After the workpiece is clamped once, the machine tool can realize milling, Drilling, boring, reaming, tapping and surface roughing and finishing, machine tool standard setting equipment, two-station tray can be equipped with six-station tray. The standard tool storage capacity is 40 places, and 80 places can be set up. Manufacturers of vertical machining centers adopt linear rotating guides, which have the characteristics of stable movement, mobility, good rigidity, strong carrying capacity, and long application life.

Before operating the vertical machining center manufacturer, check whether the handles of all parts of the all-around landing table milling machine are abnormal, fill in lubricating oil according to the regulations, and run at low speed for 1 to 2 minutes before they can be operated. Work clothes should be worn before the work. Female workers must wear work hats. Gloves are strictly prohibited during operation. Clamp the workpiece firmly. Loading and unloading, tool setting, measurement, speed change, spindle tightening and clean machine must all stop after the all-round landing table milling machine stops.

The work table of the vertical machining center manufacturer shall prevent the shelving of measuring tools, workpieces and other sundries. When driving, check whether the position of the workpiece and the milling cutter is appropriate. When the universal landing table milling machine takes the initiative to move the tool, the handle and the thread must be disengaged; the work table cannot reach the two extreme positions, and the limit block should be firmly installed. Before moving the working platform and landing platform, the firm screws must be loosened; when not moving, tighten the nuts. Toolholders, tie rods, chucks and tools must be installed and tightened before starting up, and the spindle must not be used to facilitate loading and unloading.

The beginning of the processing method of the vertical machining center manufacturer:

  • 1. Recognition of drawings: understand the technical requirements and technical premises of drawings, such as size, error, shape and position, data and cutting functions.
  • 2. Set process: According to the characteristics of the drawings, make the processing procedures, such as machine tool examples, fixtures, measuring tools, cutting tools, and the sequence of processing parts.
  • 3. Select the coordinate system: Observe the same criteria as the benchmark, and choose the planning benchmark as the programming origin first; secondly, consider the benchmark coincidence criteria, and adopt the assembly benchmark and clamping positioning benchmark as the programming origin. In the same normal environment, you can choose the known points of the graph, the middle of the graph, and the middle of the mold, and the joint incremental programming and coordinate change are convenient for tool setting and programming, which is more conducive to ensuring the quality of processing.
  • 4. Disposal of the pattern: the first is to make up for the lead in and out of the tool, the tool compensation line, and the point of safe cutting; the second is to make up the necessary compensation for the surface of the workpiece. It is common to make up for the graphics as long as the surface is faded or half-faded. necessary.

The bed of the vertical cnc machining center manufacturer is connected with the base, and the landing platform is mobilized by the vertical screw mounted on the base, and rises and falls along the vertical guide rail (see machine tool guide) of the bed. The saddle can feed horizontally along the guide rail on the landing platform. The machine tool has two working tables, the lower working table is mounted on the sliding saddle, and can be reversed and rotated at a certain angle within the range of plus or minus 45° in the horizontal plane. The upper working table is used for assembling workpieces and can be fed longitudinally along the guide rail of the lower working table. There is a retractable hanging neck on the top of the bed of the vertical machining center manufacturer to support the spindle. After the all-round indexing head is assembled on the working table, the workpiece can be indexed and spiral groove milled.

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