Advantages of PTJ machining aluminum alloy panels

The aluminum alloy panels of the CMART series charging piles for Mercedes-Benz cars produced by PTJ precision machining have various patterns and styles, such as drawing and color painting. Aluminum alloy metal panels have a metallic bright texture, coupled with pattern aluminium machining, the types of metal panels are more diversified, meeting the needs of various industries for metal panels.

The aluminum alloy panel has the characteristics of light weight, easy installation, and good weather resistance. What is more prominent is that it can make the appearance of the equipment bright in color, clear lines, solemn and elegant, and its unique practical effects and decorative effects are favored by many industries.

Common aluminum alloy panels are based on MDF sheets and hot-pressed with aluminum foils of various colors on the surface of MDF, which can produce single-sided and double-sided metal decorative panels with various colors and patterns. There are effects such as drawing and color painting. Because the aluminum foil itself is metal, it has a metallic bright texture, and coupled with the pattern treatment, the types of aluminum alloy panels are more diversified, meeting the needs of various equipment panels, and more noble and generous. The aluminum alloy panel is environmentally friendly and elegant, making it an ideal choice for equipment panels. It can not only decorate the outer surface of the detection instrument, but also protect the surface to be protected from environmental erosion. Aluminum alloy panels generally include color aluminum alloy panels, color coated galvanized steel panels and stainless steel panels.

With the popularization of environmental protection awareness and technological progress, many industries are gradually transforming to “green”. Aluminum alloy panels are easy to process, easy to recycle, and have the characteristics of no pollution and no waste. They are becoming more and more popular in many industries. Compared with other materials, aluminum alloy panels have high technology content, low resource consumption, and less environmental pollution, realizing the “green” transformation of panel products.

The aluminum alloy panel has the advantages of  machining aluminum alloy, which has a certain strength, protects the equipment, and prevents the equipment from colliding with the machine and causing deformation. In terms of density and pressure, it has good performance, which can effectively ensure the normal operation of the equipment under harsh conditions. At the same time, it is very convenient to use because it is relatively light and easy to move.

The aluminum alloy panel also has the function of preventing fire and moisture. Metal panels such as aluminum alloys generally use materials with better strength in the production process. After a series of folding processes are processed, aluminum alloy panels can meet various functional requirements.

In the aluminum alloy panel market, PTJ Precision stands out with its quality. PTJ Precision is an enterprise engaged in CNC machining of aluminum alloy panels for a long time, providing CNC machining services for aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and other materials. It has successively provided high-quality aluminum alloy panel CNC machining customized services for the automotive industry, instrumentation industry, electronic and electrical industry, environmental protection equipment and other industries, which are well received by users.

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