Analysis and Treatment of the Process of CNC Punch Program Design

With the development of stamping equipment, CNC punching processing technology is used more and more. This paper puts forward some items that should be paid attention to in the design of CNC punching by studying and analyzing the technological characteristics of CNC punching. The example illustrates the correct way to complete various tasks. The author’s practical experience is very rich, because these articles have a strong practicality.

CNC punching machine is a device that automatically punches and processes sheet materials according to a pre-programmed machining program. The ideal machining program should not only ensure that qualified parts that meet the design requirements are processed, but also enable the reasonable application of CNC punches and give full play to their performance.

When designing CNC programs, whether it is manual programming or automatic programming, process the parts to be processed before programming, then formulate a processing plan, formulate a correct and reasonable processing process, and choose the appropriate mold and processing speed . In the design of CNC programs, more attention should be paid to the technological methods of program design. If some process details are neglected, sometimes even if the processing procedure is correct, due to the unreasonable processing method of the procedure, it is impossible to process qualified parts at all, and even worse, it will cause alarm and damage to the machine tool.

This article will analyze the common problems in the design of CNC punching programs, and give corresponding solutions for specific problems.

  1. Analysis of the technological process of CNC punching program design

1. Choose the right programming benchmark

In the process of CNC punching, the origin of the machine tool is used as the positioning reference. In general, this reference is also used as the programming reference. But sometimes choosing the appropriate programming benchmark can greatly reduce the numerical calculation in the program design, reduce the program segment and programming workload, increase the readability and modifyability of the program, and reduce the errors in the program design. The programming reference can be selected at any position of the part or machine tool, but it must have a definite relationship with the positioning reference of the part. In order to ensure machining accuracy and reduce the amount of calculation in program design, the programming benchmark should be selected as much as possible on the design benchmark or process benchmark.

For example, point O in Figure 1 is the origin of the machine tool. For this part, if the programming datum is placed at point Oa, since most of the holes in this part are symmetrical in the Y direction, the calculation of the Y-axis coordinate size will become very simple. Moreover, if the expanded size in the Y direction changes, the modification of the program is relatively easy. Simply determine the position of the Oa point again to complete the modification of the program.

2. Maximum concentration of processes

In order to give full play to the advantages of CNC machine tools, improve production efficiency and ensure processing quality, the principle of maximum concentration of processes should be followed in CNC punching programming, that is, the parts are in one clamping, and strive to complete all the CNC machine tools can process. The processing of type holes and shapes prevents repeated positioning errors. For some parts that must be repeatedly positioned, the method of repeated positioning should also be fully considered, and in the case of repeated positioning, should also be used.

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