Analysis of common problems in plastic molds

Our molders have their own unique opinions on common assembly problems. Today, PTJ Plastic Mold Factory will give everyone a solution to this difficult player. We can use the following directions to analyze step by step to determine the plastic mold Problems in assembly.

The thimble was not leveled during the reassembly of the plastic mold, which resulted in obvious problems with the thimble after molding. During the molding process, the raw materials are changed, and the fluidity of the rubber material is too strong, which causes the product to eject obviously after molding. The mold temperature is high and the pressure is high during the molding process. These reasons can lead to obvious ejection positions on the surface of the product.

To solve the problem of the obvious position of the ejector pin of the plastic mold, we can control the molding speed and other conditions by optimizing the stable material during the molding process. In this way, this obvious problem can be completely avoided.

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