Analysis of modern precision machining technology and mechanical manufacturing technology

At present, the rapid development of social economy has put forward higher requirements for modern machining. The traditional machining technology can no longer meet the new demand, which means that more advanced and modern machining technology and precision machining technology need to be introduced. To promote the steady development of the machinery manufacturing industry, follow PTJ today to take a look at the analysis of modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision advance cnc machining technology:

  • 1. Modern machinery manufacturing technology 1. Gas shielded welding process The gas shielded welding process is a welding process that uses the arc as the heat source and the gas as the protective medium of the welded object. During the welding process, the gas will use its own function to form a strong protective layer around the arc. Play the role of the molten pool and split the arc and air to reduce the harm that harmful gases may bring to welding. In addition, it can also promote the stability and full combustion of the arc, which is typically carbon dioxide shielded welding;
  • 2. Stud welding process The welding process of stud welding is to ensure that a section of the stud can touch the surface of the pipe or plate until the foundation surface melts. Increase the pressure of the stud to complete the welding. The main welding methods include drawn arc and energy storage. , Both are single-sided welding. The drawn arc type is mainly used for heavy industrial welding, and the energy storage type is more used for thin plate welding. This welding process will not leak air and water during use, so , The application is more extensive;
  • 3. Friction stir welding welding process Friction stir welding process steel was mainly used in aircraft manufacturing, vehicle manufacturing, railway manufacturing and many other mechanical manufacturing fields. With the development of economy, its application range has been increasing. At present, the friction stir welding process in my country has been Very mature, only relatively few consumable materials are produced in the welding process, and it has strong practicability. In the process of welding aluminum alloy, it can directly weld 800m welds, and the welding temperature is also very high. Low
  • 4. Resistance welding process The resistance welding welding process is to implant the object to be welded between the positive and negative motors, and implement energization. The Ronghu Lake is carried out by electric current contacting the surface of the object to be welded and the nearby resistance heating effect, which promotes its integration with the metal. There are many advantages of welding and welding process, such as the very high degree of mechanical words that everyone pays attention to, the very high production efficiency and welding quality, and the short heating time. Therefore, it is widely used in the fields of aerospace, home appliances and automobile manufacturing;
  • 5. Submerged arc welding process The submerged arc welding process refers to the burning of the arc under the flux layer. There is a distinction between automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic submerged arc welding is generally only used for welding, while welding wire and moving arc need special trolley for transportation. However, in the semi-automatic submerged arc welding process, the welding wire and mobile arc often need to be transported manually, so they are almost eliminated in the development process. In addition, the selection of submerged arc welding process requires special attention to the choice of flux and alkalinity. These are all important technical criteria that best reflect the performance of the welding process, the type of current and the metallurgical performance;
  • 2. Precision machining technology 1. Precision cutting technology Under normal circumstances, precision cutting technology directly uses cutting methods to obtain relatively high accuracy. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for the products obtained by cutting. For example, it must meet the requirements of high precision and surface roughness. Yes, if you want to use cutting methods to obtain high-precision and high-level surface roughness, you should actively eliminate the influence of machine tools, workpieces, tools and external factors. For example, to continuously improve the machining accuracy and precision of machine tools, you need Choose a machine tool with relatively high rigidity, relatively small thermal deformation and good vibration resistance;
  • 2. Ultra-precision grinding technology For machining and surface roughness compounding 1-2mm, and using the yard and polishing silicon wafers, the traditional advance cnc machining methods such as grinding, polishing and grinding cannot meet the needs of the work, so in-depth analysis and research are necessary The principle and the new method of the new method, it is under this development background, the ultra-precision grinding technology came into being, and it is playing an increasingly important role in the mechanical precision machining;
  • 3. The relevance and characteristics of modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology 1. The relationship between modern mechanical bamboo Austrian craftsmanship and precision machining technology As far as machining and manufacturing are concerned, modern mechanical machining and manufacturing technology and precision machining technology will involve many aspects of the mechanical field, such as manufacturing engineering, product development, product design, process involvement, machining and manufacturing, and product sales. When a problem occurs, it will directly affect the entire engineering chain. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the connection between modern machinery manufacturing and precision machining technology, so that it can really promote the progress and development of machining technology. Therefore, in specific practice In the process, it is necessary to fully integrate modern mechanical technology and precision machining technology to promote mechanical progress and achieve rapid technological progress and development;
  • 2. The systematic nature of modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology Modern machinery manufacturing is a relatively complex system engineering. In the use of modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology, for example, in the design, production and sales of new products, computer information technology, modern sensing technology and even It is the integration of many technologies such as automated machining technology. In addition, it may also need to be applied to new processes, new materials, new management methods and solutions. Therefore, on the whole, the manufacturing technology in the mechanical field cannot be separated The comprehensive application of a variety of modern advanced science and technology, which makes modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology have a relatively large system;
  • 3. The globalization of modern machinery manufacturing technology and precision machining technology At present, with the development of economic globalization, many economic fields in our country have gradually achieved international standards. The trend of economic globalization has developed into an important trend in current social development, and under the background of global economicization Intensified market competition in various countries, and China’s machinery manufacturing industry to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the domestic and international markets must keep up with the pace of development of the times, actively introduce international advanced machinery manufacturing techniques and precision machining technologies, and expand internal scientific research The investment, training more advanced technical personnel, and research and development of precision machining technology and machinery manufacturing technology that compound the actual situation of the enterprise, to achieve the healthy and sustainable development of machinery manufacturing enterprises;

Four, summary
Modern precision machining technology and machinery manufacturing technology are the core factors that strongly promote the rapid and steady development of the machinery manufacturing industry. We need to attach great importance to it. Under the background of economic globalization, if we want to promote the machinery manufacturing industry to obtain a broader development space, It is necessary to continuously introduce and improve and research and develop new precision advance cnc machining technology and machinery manufacturing technology, and apply them to the field of machinery machining and machinery manufacturing, to better serve the development of modern machinery manufacturing and machining industry, and further serve our country The steady development of manufacturing technology in the international market has played a role in fueling the flames and icing on the cake.

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