Bakelite Parts

Bakelite is the first plastic product to be put into industrial production. The chemical name of bakelite is phenolic plastic. It has high mechanical strength, good insulation, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

The shortcomings of phenolic resins are poor mechanical properties and are not resistant to oil and chemical corrosion. In order to overcome the above defects, people have modified phenolic resins. Adding different fillers to phenolic resins can obtain modified phenolic plastics with different functions. For example, adding asbestos and mica to the ingredients can increase its acid resistance, alkali resistance and wear resistance, and can be used as materials for chemical equipment and motor and automobile accessories; adding glass fiber can increase hardness and can be used as machine parts; After modified with nitrile rubber, the oil resistance and impact strength are greatly improved; after modified with polyvinyl chloride, it can improve the mechanical strength and acid resistance.

Bakelite parts have been widely used in many places of our lives, such as: bakelite socket, bakelite switch, bakelite spoon handle, bakelite hoist wire, bakelite record, bakelite handwheel, handle, handle, handle, paper towel Box, kitchen stove board, bakelite tea tray, billiard balls, etc.

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