Basic description of precision metal processing materials

1. Raw materials and thickness

Precise hardware processing When selecting materials for stamping parts, avoid the use of high-brand materials to cause excessive product functions. At the same time, on the premise of satisfying product and process requirements, try to select the materials and materials used in existing mass-produced models to form data The platform provides convenience for subsequent acquisitions and inventory management. For example, the key functional requirement of ordinary cold-rolled sheet is its drawability, so as far as possible to meet the requirements of product quality, select low-profile materials.

2. Selection of sheet roll width

Precision metal processing in the standard types of steel plates, whether it is a fixed-length plate or a rolled plate, the same kind of raw materials, the thickness of the material, the roll width is different, and the sales price is different. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, it is necessary to work hard on the preparation of the acquisition volume width, and try to select the volume width range that does not increase the price on the premise of ensuring the data utilization rate. For example, as for the fixed-length board, try to choose the appropriate standard size. After cutting from the steel mill, there is no need to perform secondary shearing to reduce the shearing cost. Cut the workload, improve work efficiency.

3. Selection of plate thickness error

The thickness of precision metal processing plate has error requirements, usually within the range allowed by the error, the first choice should be the error plate.

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