Basic knowledge of aluminum stamping oil

The aluminum stamping oil PO series is refined from refined mineral oil, plus various additives imported from the United States such as anti-wear agents, extreme pressure agents, oily agents, etc. It is mainly used for stamping aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum plate and other aluminum materials.

The stretching process has excellent lubricating and cooling properties, can prevent the die and the workpiece from bonding, improve the surface quality, extend the life of the die, prevent the oxidation of aluminum and its aluminum alloy, reduce waste, reduce environmental pollution, easy to clean, and improve work efficiency.

If it is a one-side flanging or bending process, it is recommended to use volatile stamping oil, and there is very little residual oil on the surface, which can reduce the cost of the cleaning process. Make the surface of the workpiece cleaner.

Many factories have bought so-called quick-drying stamping oil because the price is too cheap, and the effect is very bad. Because of the lack of effective additives, it will not be able to truly play the role of stamping oil, and problems such as cracking, oxidation, and increased scrap rate will occur. The original intention of the factory’s purchase was to reduce costs, but in the end, it actually paid dozens of times, hundreds of times. And the cost of aluminum stamping oil is only a few thousand dollars to produce one hundred thousand products, but it is this point that is invested in many factory purchases, not to mention it is a reasonable investment. , To clean up a lot of unnecessary waste for you, it may be hundreds of thousands, hundreds of thousands…Which one is more important, you can imagine.

Petroleum no-clean stamping oil performance

  • 1. Safe volatilization, 1-4 procedures, can be customized for quick-drying and no cleaning after processing. Multi-pass processing can be customized for slow volatilization or oiliness, easy to clean, etc.
  • 2. Excellent extreme pressure, protect the mold, reduce the scrap rate of the product.
  • 3. No-clean stamping oil has good permeability and lubricity.
  • 4. Because the stamping parts have a long storage cycle and a long process cycle, the no-clean stamping oil needs to have an excellent anti-rust effect.
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