Can the machining center produce deformable parts?

The machining and production of parts with light weight, poor rigidity, weak strength and compact structure has always been a problem in the factory workshop. The cost of this kind of parts is high, and they are susceptible to heat and deformation during machining, and the machining scrap rate is high, which affects the profit of the order. As a CNC equipment with powerful machining performance, the machining center can select the cutting tools reasonably and accurately select the cutting amount, which has a certain guarantee for the accuracy of the product. Therefore, the CNC machining center proposes a specific method to solve the problem for the actual machining of easily deformable parts.

We need to understand what are the causes of part deformation

1. Deformation under force

Such parts have thin walls. Under the action of clamping force, they are prone to different thicknesses during machining and cutting, and the elasticity is poor, and the shape of the machining parts is difficult to recover by themselves.

2. Heat deformation

The texture of the workpiece is light and thin, and the radial force during the cutting process will cause the workpiece to be heated and deformed, which will make the size of the workpiece inaccurate.

3. Vibration deformation

Under the action of radial cutting force, parts are prone to vibration and deformation, which affect the dimensional accuracy, shape, position accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece.

Machining method of easily deformable parts

Deformable parts represented by thin-walled parts have been increasingly used in various machining occasions. The machining of such parts can be processed by high-speed machining with a small feed rate and high cutting speed, which can reduce the number of workpieces in machining. The cutting force received at the same time causes most of the cutting heat to be taken away by the chips flying away from the workpiece at high speed, thereby reducing the temperature of the workpiece and reducing the thermal deformation of the workpiece. In the machining process, compared with ordinary machining, the increased high-speed cutting of the CNC machining center can save the auxiliary time of other links such as semi-finishing and effective machining, thereby shortening the machining cycle of the workpiece and improving the production efficiency.

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