Causes And Treatment Of Motor Bearings Overheating

  1. The bearing is damaged. Should be replaced.
  2. Too little or too much grease in rolling bearings or impurities such as iron filings. The capacity of bearing grease should not exceed 70% of the total volume, and those with impurities should be replaced.
  3. The shaft and bearing fit too tightly or too loosely. When it is too tight, it should be re-grinded, and when it is too loose, the shaft should be set.
  4. The bearing and end cover are too tight or too loose. The bearing chamber is processed when it is too tight, and a steel sleeve is inserted in the end cover when it is too loose.
  5. Poor assembly of the motor end cover or bearing cover. Install the end cap or bearing cap stop, install it flat, and tighten the screws.
  6. The belt is too tight or the coupling is poorly assembled. Adjust the belt tension and correct the coupling.
  7. There is too little lubricating oil in the sliding bearing, there are impurities or the oil ring is stuck. Refuel, replace with new oil, repair or replace the oil ring.
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