Causes of flutter failure in the machining center during boring

The CNC machining center most often appears during Xinming’s machining, and the most troublesome problem is chattering.
The main causes of flutter are as follows:

Haitian Machining Center

  • 1. The rigidity of the east-west system includes the rigidity of the tool shank, boring bar, boring head and the intermediate connecting part. Because it is cantilever processing, especially the processing of small holes, deep holes and hard workpieces, the rigidity of the east-west system is particularly important.
  • 2. The dynamic balance of the east-west system is relative to the rotation axis of the east-west system. If there is an unbalanced mass in the east-west system, the flutter occurs due to the unbalanced centrifugal force during rotation. Especially in high-speed machining, the dynamic balance of things has a great influence.
  • 3. The workpiece itself or the rigidity of the workpiece is fixed. Like some small and thin parts, due to the lack of its own rigidity, or due to the shape of the workpiece, it is impossible to use a reasonable fixture to adequately fix it.
  • 4. The shape of the blade tip of the blade The blade shape, rake angle, main declination angle, blade tip radius, chip breaker shape, etc. will cause different cutting resistance.
  • 5. The choice of cutting parameters includes cutting speed, feed, feed amount and cooling method.
  • 6. The rigidity of the machine spindle, the function of bearings and gears, and the rigidity of the connection between the spindle and the tool holder of the machine’s spindle system.

The above is a detailed explanation of the “cause of fluttering problems during boring processing in CNC machining”. I hope it will be helpful to everyone, and I also hope that everyone will come to discuss relevant knowledge about CNC machining.

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