CNC buckle processing method

The buckle processing method is suitable for the processing of large threaded holes on box parts, or this method is used when there is no tap and thread milling cutter, and a thread turning tool is installed on the boring bar to perform thread boring. There are several considerations for implementing the pick-and-click machining process:

  • 1. There is a delay time to start the spindle to ensure that the spindle reaches the rated speed;
  • 2. The sharpening of the hand-grinded thread cutter cannot be symmetrical, reverse retraction cannot be used, the spindle should be used to orient the tool to move radially, and then retreat;
  • 3. The arbor must be exactly the same as the position of the grooving slot, otherwise it cannot be processed by multiple arbor, which causes the phenomenon of buckling;
  • 4. When picking the buckle, be careful not to pick it with one knife, even if it is a very thin buckle, otherwise it will cause tooth loss, poor surface roughness, and should be divided into multiple knives for picking;
  • 5. The buckle processing method is only applicable to the case of single piece, small batch, special pitch thread and no corresponding tool, and the processing efficiency is low.
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