CNC Lathe Service-Global Delivery Of Rotated Parts

PTJ uses the latest Schuette EMO 2015 lathes imported from Germany to provide high quality CNC lathe services. These CNC lathes are hybrid machines, true multi-axis lathes and milling centers that combine the superior features of lathes and mills to provide true 5-axis machining, further improving project efficiency and complex geometry. ..

Combined with our other CNC machining, low volume production, prototyping and finishing services, you can get up to 50% less parts than your competitors while maintaining the quality you expect and deserve.

What is CNC lathe?

Turning involves holding the workpiece on a horizontally mounted adjustable spindle. As the workpiece rotates, various cutting tools are applied to the pieces to create circular shapes and features such as rings, grooves, slots, contours, radii, internal bores and threads. Our Haas lathes have an additional axis of movement that allows you to work perpendicular to the lathe spindle to create square faces or drill holes. This opens up many new machining possibilities.

Turning is used for rotationally symmetric shapes to quickly remove material while leaving a good surface finish that does not require post-treatment.

Why did you choose CNC lathe?

CNC lathe processing is the fastest way to remove large amounts of material from rounded materials. Combined with an automatic bar feeder that provides a continuous supply of raw materials to the machine, it is also ideal for mass production.

CNC lathe machining is the only industrial process of choice for mass production of features with concentric shapes or threads. And because of the robust construction of these machines, there is less vibration, which means that CNC lathes can provide a high level of dimensional accuracy with excellent surface finishes.

What kind of material can CNC turn?

It can process any stable and stable material, but uses alloys such as hard plastics and aluminum, various steels, titanium, magnesium, brass and copper.

Some hardened steels may be too difficult for CNC lathes, otherwise they will require special cutting tools and longer processing times. Flexible elastomers or plastics may not be able to rotate because they cannot be held in place or change shape under the pressure of a cutting tool.

What are the benefits of working together?

PTJ offers a complete CNC machining service waiting to start manufacturing CNC machined parts. Here are some of the reasons why you won’t be disappointed when working with us.

We are located in South China, close to the major shipping ports of Shenzhen and Hong Kong, so your parts can be delivered at fast and competitive prices.

We have world class CNC lathes and cutting tools imported from Germany.

We work in a clean, bright and climate controlled production area certified to ISO9001: 20015, ISO14001 and BS-OHSAS 18001 standards.

You will have an international team of skilled technicians, managers and tool makers working for you.

You can keep costs down while providing unmatched accuracy and quality without cutting corners.

Control the automation process using Autodesk’s advanced CNC software.

In-stock quality inspection and testing of raw materials guarantees the integrity of our supply chain, so you get exactly the materials you specify.

We are experts in prototyping and low volume production, so quick setup and quick production are in our DNA.
Our CNC Turn Milling Services are designed to work with many of our other in-house manufacturing and finishing features to provide our customers with a comprehensive one-stop, rapid manufacturing solution.

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