CNC machining annual maintenance or repair

  • 1. The grounding protection system should have continuity;
  • 2. Check the circuit breaker, contactor, single-phase or three-phase arc extinguisher and other vital parts regularly. If the wiring is loose and the noise is too loud, find out the reason and remove the hidden danger;
  • 3. Make sure that the cooling fan in the electric cabinet runs normally, otherwise it may cause damage to the vitality parts;
  • 4. The fuse is blown and the air switch trips frequently. The cause should be found and removed in time;
  • 5. Check the vertical accuracy of each axis and adjust the accuracy of the machine tool. Restore or meet the requirements of the machine tool. Because a few degrees of accuracy are the basis of the machine’s comprehensive functions. For example, the poor perpendicularity of XZ and YZ will affect the coaxiality and symmetry of the processed workpiece, and the poor perpendicularity of the spindle to the table will affect the parallelism of the processed workpiece. Therefore, the restoration of a few precisions is our maintenance point;
  • 6. Check the abrasion and clearance of the motor and screw of each axis, and check whether the support bearings at each end of each axis are damaged. When the coupling or bearing is damaged, it will increase the noise of the machine tool operation, affect the transmission accuracy of the machine tool, damage the screw cooling seal, cause the cutting fluid to leak, and seriously affect the life of the screw and spindle;
  • 7. Check the protective cover of each axis and replace it if necessary. The protective cover is not good enough to directly accelerate the wear of the guide rail. If there is a large deformation, it will not only increase the load of the machine tool, but also cause greater damage to the guide rail;
  • 8. The straightening of the screw, because some users form a screw deformation after the machine tool bumps or the gap between the iron plug is not good, which directly affects the machining accuracy of the machine tool. Let’s loosen the screw rod to make it in a state, and then follow the maintenance procedures to install the screw rod to ensure that the screw rod is not subject to tangential force during movement as much as possible, so that the screw rod is also in a state of processing;
  • 9. View and adjust the belt drive system of the machine tool spindle, properly adjust the tightness of the V belt to prevent the machine tool from slipping or losing rotation, replace the spindle V belt if necessary, and check the high-grade low conversion pressure of the 1000r / min spindle The amount of oil in the wheel cylinder. Increased when necessary, the lack of oil will form a failure when the level is low, which seriously affects the roughness of the milling process and reduces the cutting torque;
  • 10. Cleaning and adjustment of the tool magazine. Adjust the rotation of the tool magazine so that it is parallel to the table, replace the circlip if necessary, adjust the viewpoint of the spindle orientation bridge and the rotation coefficient of the tool magazine, and add smooth grease at each moving part;
  • 11. Prevent the system from overheating: you should check whether the cooling fans on the CNC cabinet work normally. Check whether the air duct filter is blocked. If too much dust accumulates on the filter net and it is not cleaned in time, it will cause the temperature in the CNC cabinet to be too high;
  • 12. Timing protection of the input / output device of the CNC system: check whether the transmission signal line of the machine tool is damaged, whether the interface, connector screw and nut are loose and off, whether the network cable is plugged in firmly, and the router is clean and protected
  • 13. Timing check and replacement of DC motor brushes: Excessive wear of DC motor brushes affects the function of the motor and even causes motor damage. To this end, the motor brushes should be regularly viewed and replaced, and CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, machining centers, etc., should be reviewed annually;
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