CNC machining daily maintenance

  • 1. Daily cleaning of machine tool dust and iron filings: including machine tool control panel, spindle taper hole, tool car, tool head and taper shank, tool magazine tool arm and tool magazine, turret; XY axis sheet metal shield, machine tool Inner flexible hose, tank chain device, chip flute, etc .;
  • 2. Check the level of lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication of the machine tool;
  • 3. Check whether the coolant in the coolant tank is sufficient and not enough to add in time;
  • 4. Check whether the air pressure is normal;
  • 5. Check whether the air blowing in the cone hole in the spindle is normal, wipe the cone hole in the spindle with a clean cotton cloth, and spray light oil;
  • 6. Clean the arms and tools of the tool magazine, especially the claws;
  • 7. Check all the signal lights and whether the warning lights are normal;
  • 8. Check the hydraulic unit tube for leaks;
  • 9. Clean and sweep the machine after the daily work is completed;
  • 10. Keep the environment around the machine clean and tidy.
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