CNC machining half-year maintenance specifications

  • 1. Disassemble the shaft anti-chip guard, clean the shaft oil pipe joint, ball lead screw, three-axis limit switch, and check whether it is normal. Check whether the effect of the hard rail scraping blade of each axis is good;
  • 2. Check whether the servo motor and head of each axis are working normally, whether there is abnormal sound;
  • 3. Replace oil of hydraulic unit, oil of speed reduction mechanism of tool magazine;
  • 4. Test the clearance of each axis, and adjust the compensation amount if necessary;
  • 5. Clean the dust inside the electric box (make sure the machine is in a closed state);
  • 6. Check whether the contacts, connectors, sockets and switches are normal;
  • 7. Check whether all keys are active normally;
  • 8. Check and adjust the mechanical level;
  • 9. Clean the cutting water tank and replace the cutting fluid.
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