CNC machining weekly maintenance matters

  • 1. Clean the air filter of the heat exchanger, cooling pump and lube pump filter;
  • 2. Check whether the tool pull bolt is loose and the handle is clean;
  • 3. Check whether the origin of the three-axis machine is offset;
  • 4. Check whether the movement of the tool changer arm of the tool magazine or the rotation of the tool magazine is smooth;
  • 5. If there is an oil-cooled machine, check the oil-cooled oil. If it is below the scale line, please add oil-cooled oil in time;
  • 6. Clean the impurities and moisture in the compressed gas, check the amount of oil in the oil mist separator, check whether the solenoid valves work properly, and check the tightness in the pneumatic system, because the quality of the gas system directly affects the change Knife and lubrication system;
  • 7. Prevent dust and dirt from entering the numerical control device. In the air of the machine shop, there will generally be oil mist, dust and even metal powder. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the CNC system, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between the devices to drop, even causing damage to the components and the circuit board .
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