Common Solutions in the Use of Punching Equipment for Dies Problems

Solutions to Common Problems in the Use of Dies for Punching Equipment,The following 3 points have made solutions to the common problems used in punching die!

The problem of punching the mold with the material, the mold with the material will cause the waste to rebound, and its related factors:

  1. Is the mold gap reasonable? If the mold gap is not suitable, it is easy to cause scrap rebound.
  2. The sharpness of the cutting edge of the mold, the larger the fillet of the cutting edge, the easier it is to cause scrap rebound.
  3. Whether there is more oil on the surface of the processed plate.
  4. Spring fatigue damage.
  5. The mold input modulus, the mold input modulus of each station of the machine tool is certain, and the mold input modulus is small, which is easy to cause the rebound of waste.

The method to prevent the mold from feeding:

  1. Use special anti-banding die.
  2. The mold is often sharpened to keep it sharp and demagnetized.
  3. Increase the die gap.
  4. The oblique cutting edge die is used instead of the flat cutting edge die.
  5. Install the ejector for the punch die.

The neutrality of punching die
Punching dies are prone to wear in different positions on the sides of the punching core during use, and some parts have large scratches and fast wear. This situation is particularly obvious on narrow rectangular dies. The main reason for this problem:

  1. The design or machining accuracy of the turret of the machine tool is insufficient, mainly because the center of the mold mounting seat of the upper and lower turntables is not good.
  2. The design or processing accuracy of the punch die cannot meet the requirements.
  3. The precision of the guide bush of the mold punch is not enough.

To prevent inconsistent mold wear, you should:

  1. Regularly check and adjust the core rod on the machine tool turret and the mounting base.
  2. Adopt full-lead mold.
  3. The punch press strengthens the operator’s sense of responsibility, finds the reason in time after discovery, and avoids causing greater losses.
  4. Replace the mold guide sleeve in time and select the convex and concave mold with appropriate clearance.

 The punch wears too fast
main reason:

  1. The mold gap is too small, it is generally recommended that the total mold gap is 20% to 25% of the material plate thickness
  2. The temperature of the punch is too high, mainly due to the overheating of the punch due to the continuous stamping of the same die for a long time.
  3. The unevenness of the convex and concave molds is not good, including the lack of precision of the mold base and mold guide assembly and the turret insert, etc., which cause the mold to be poorly neutral.
  4. Improper sharpening of the mold causes annealing of the mold and increased wear. The above content is for reference only, if there is a problem with the machine tool, please ask a professional to repair it!
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