Commonly Used Machining Methods For Ceramic Parts

Ceramic parts have the characteristics of extremely high hardness and good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. What are the commonly used china cnc machining methods for ceramic parts? Next, Kezhong Ceramics will introduce to you.

1. Turning of ceramic materials

The turning process is mainly to use diamond tools to cut ceramic materials with high hardness and high wear resistance. It is difficult to produce smooth cutting edges with polycrystalline diamond tools. Generally, it is only used for rough machining. When fine turning of ceramic parts, use natural single The crystalline diamond tool adopts the micro-cutting method when cutting.

Due to the high hardness and brittleness of ceramic parts, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of turning processing. Therefore, turning machining ceramic is not widely used, and it is basically still in the research stage.

2. Grinding of ceramic materials

The grinding of ceramic parts materials is one of the most widely used cnc plastic machining methods at present. Diamond grinding wheels are generally used for grinding wheels. Different scholars have different explanations for the grinding mechanism of diamond grinding wheels. One thing in common is that brittle fracture is the main cause of material removal.

The removal of chips in grinding processing is a major problem. Generally, cooling working fluid is used to clean the chips. The cooling fluid not only plays the role of flushing the chip powder, but also reduces the temperature of the grinding zone, improves the grinding quality, and reduces the stickiness around the abrasive particles. Thermal decomposition of binder, etc.

3. Drilling of ceramic materials

The drilling of ceramic parts materials mostly uses a material drill. The structure of the material drill is that a ring-shaped diamond grinding wheel is welded to a hollow steel pipe. The welding process is silver welding. When drilling ceramic materials, the diamond grinding wheel rotates at a high speed. The material is cut with diamond grits on the end face.

4. Grinding and polishing

In some areas of industrial production, grinding alone cannot meet the surface finish requirements of ceramic parts, usually grinding and polishing are used. Very susceptible to surface cracks.

The above are the commonly used processing methods of ceramic parts brought to you by Pintejin Ceramics. Pintejin Ceramics Shop is a manufacturer specializing in the production and cnc machining ceramics, focusing on the processing of alumina ceramic parts and zirconia ceramics, and can process ceramics according to your needs. product.

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