Communication cavity machining VS horizontal cnc machining center

What are the advantages of horizontal cnc machining center?

The professional technical team discussed and researched, and tried grinding, and the final processing effect was: the tolerance of the inner circle size reached 3 microns, and successfully solved the protection problem of the finished bearing and the customer’s problem. Therefore, the processing of precision metal parts requires not only high-end equipment, but also a professional team with many years of super-finishing.

The horizontal CNC machining center is most suitable for processing these large-scale box-type workpieces. It mainly performs hole system processing and plane processing on the box-type workpieces. Once the workpiece is clamped, all the surfaces except the mounting surface and the top surface can be processed. The rotary shaft is mounted on the worktable to rotate the workpiece to process each side of the workpiece. It is also possible to install multiple rotating shafts for joint movement in order to process box parts with complex curved surfaces.

What parts are suitable for horizontal CNC machining center

Characteristics of horizontal CNC machining center

Compared with the vertical CNC machining center, the horizontal CNC machining center has the advantages of easy chip evacuation, and its clamping is advantageous for processing the workpiece. Some horizontal CNC machining centers have double tables, one table is processing, and the other table is loading and unloading. This design allows the horizontal CNC machining center to process continuously. This design greatly improves the cnc machining efficiency.

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