Current status and development trend of lathe-milling machine

The turning and milling machine combines the machining characteristics of the turning center and the machining center on a single machine tool, and performs multi-process complete processing (DONE IN ONE) with one clamping, which can bring users improved processing efficiency and reduced part processing costs. And improve the processing accuracy and other benefits. Therefore, this machine tool is very popular with users as soon as it comes out and develops rapidly. We can see from the recent exhibitions that there are more and more composite processing center exhibits, and the technical and technological levels are also getting higher and higher, and the forms are also diversified.

Current level:

In 2001, China’s first SSCKZ63-5 five-axis turning and milling compound processing machine was manufactured by Shenyang CNC Machine Tool Plant in China. The machine tool introduced the technology of Germany’s MAX MULLER, which reached the international end of the 1990s Although the start level is late, the starting point is still relatively high. At present, there are many domestic manufacturers that can produce turn-mill milling machine tools, and there are more than ten exhibitors at the CCMT2012 exhibition, but several advanced technology exhibits and key functional components used, such as: CNC systems, direct drive Double pendulum milling heads and direct-drive dual-axis rotary tables are all national key scientific and technological special products, which need to be further commercialized and industrialized.

development trend:

The advanced concept of turning and milling composite processing technology is to improve product quality and shorten product manufacturing cycle. It is an advanced mechanical processing technology that integrates modern advanced control technology, precision measurement technology and CAD/CAM application technology. This technology provides a complete processing solution: one clamping can realize the processing of multiple surfaces or complex shapes of parts, which greatly simplifies the complexity of the workpiece clamping and tool system, and reduces the fixture and non-production time. It can not only meet the needs of users in improving production efficiency, ensuring processing accuracy, reducing parts transmission and inventory, and reducing floor space, but also meet the energy-saving and emission-reduction requirements of modern society. It has a wide range of processes and strong capabilities. Become the leader of today’s composite processing machine tools, is one of the most advanced mechanical processing equipment in the world.

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