Demand And Development Of CNC Machining Equipment For Steel Structure

The rapid development of the steel structure industry, the demand for steel structure manufacturing equipment is also increasing, especially on behalf of the advanced manufacturing level, and the automation equipment technology driven by informatization has made great progress. Compared with developed countries, China’s steel structure manufacturing technology still has a certain gap. How to deal with and narrow the gap in China’s steel structure manufacturing equipment field is an important historical period for the development of the Chinese nation’s industry, and it must also be solved by China’s industrialization, urbanization, and modernization. problem. The equipment manufacturing enterprise headed by Shandong Fein CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. has provided a large number of basic and applicable modern CNC processing equipment for the steel structure manufacturing industry through more than ten years of innovative development, which has promoted the modern steel structure manufacturing industry. Rapid development.

At present, the domestic CNC machining equipment product series has fully covered the processing and manufacturing of steel structure products in the fields of machinery, electricity, communications, railways, transportation, petrochemicals, and construction. Some enterprises have formed the supply capacity of complete sets of equipment. Able to cut, weld, punch, drill, cut, mill, cut and mark a series of hot-rolled steel (work, groove, angle steel and round tube, rectangular tube) and various steel structural parts with digital Operating procedures to perform work. Including steel structure high-rise buildings, workshops, residences, stadiums, bridges, port machinery, three-dimensional garages, power station boiler frames, locomotives, etc., as well as the processing and manufacturing of H-shaped, mouth-shaped, C-shaped, cross-shaped and various heterogeneous components Wait. These CNC products are high-tech products with intelligence, flexibility, complete sets, and compound, which represent the development direction of advanced manufacturing.

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