Do Preparing To Place Surface Grinder

Surface grinding machines have a high frequency of use in industrial manufacturing processes, because the use of surface grinding machines can make the workpiece reach the flatness required by the design, so that the workpiece can meet the next processing conditions and allow the produced products to obtain Higher quality. However, some companies need to put the surface grinder for a certain period of time for some reasons. So, in order to avoid damage to the grinder, what should be done when preparing to place it?

  1. Clean up before placing

If you need to place a surface grinder with good quality and good service for a period of time, you should clean the surface grinder once before placing it, and clean the surface of the grinder and the dirt and oil stains of each part, and also some key parts Properly maintain and repair damaged parts before placing the grinder.

  1. Choose a suitable place

Everyone knows that mechanical equipment is more prone to problems during long-term idle. In order to avoid abnormal problems during the placement of the surface grinder, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated room as much as possible. If the conditions do not allow, then the surface grinder Place it on a flat ground, and also lay a layer of wood on the ground. After placing the grinder on the wood, use a strong cover cloth to cover it.

  1. Do anti-rust treatment

In order to prevent the surface grinder from rusting during placement, it is necessary to repair the place where the paint peeled off the surface of the grinder. If the paint peels off too much, it should be repaired by repainting the whole machine. Then, grease the exposed metal parts of the surface grinder to prevent these metal parts from rusting.

The above are some things that the surface grinder should do when it is ready to be placed. The reason why the grinding machine is cleaned and rust-proofed before placement is to avoid abnormal damage during the placement of the surface grinder, if it is really because of improper placement If the grinder is abnormal, you can also find out which surface grinder is good and let it provide repair services.

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