Domestic manufacturing CNC machine tools and high-efficiency tools should be balanced development

At present, with the vigorous development of modern digital manufacturing technology, modern high-efficiency cutting tools featuring “high precision, high efficiency, high reliability and specialization” quickly replace traditional standard tools as the final execution components of digital manufacturing systems. In processing, it plays a key role of “one step ahead”. Although its price is much higher than traditional standard knives. However, due to its excellent performance, the processing quality and efficiency have been greatly improved, so that the manufacturing industry can increase labor productivity and reduce costs, and obtain greater benefits.

According to statistics released by multinational groups, the annual cutting costs of global manufacturing industry have reached more than 400 billion US dollars, of which the cost of cutting tools is about 20 billion US dollars. In recent years, the manufacturing industry of developed countries has adopted a large number of modern high-efficiency cutting tools to improve labor productivity, saving the manufacturing industry up to 100 billion US dollars annually, much higher than the investment in tools. Therefore, all countries regard the development of modern and efficient tools as an important means to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. The notion that “cutting tools are productive forces during processing, not consumables” has become a consensus in developed countries, and cutting tool consumption accounts for 3% to 4% of manufacturing costs. In China’s manufacturing industry, most enterprises still rely on cheap labor as the main means to reduce costs, and pay less attention to cost savings through improved processing methods to improve efficiency. Therefore, China’s manufacturing tool consumption level is generally low, accounting for only 1% of manufacturing costs. %~2%.

Another fact that deserves attention is that in the manufacturing powerhouses of Germany, the United States, and Japan, the laws of modern CNC machine tools and high-efficiency cutters coordinating with each other and developing in a balanced manner are very obvious. The purpose is to provide an optimal configuration for the manufacturing industry to fully realize the potential of equipment. And solutions. In developed countries, the normal year of stable economic development, the annual tool consumption scale is generally stable at about 1/2 of the machine tool consumption.

For example, when the annual consumption of machine tools is 6 billion US dollars, the tool consumption is generally around 3 billion US dollars. Only in years of economic recession will this ratio change due to shrinking investment scale. However, the regularity of the coordinated development of machine tools in developed countries did not appear in China. Especially in the past 10 years, the consumption of machine tools has taken the lead in the development of China’s manufacturing industry, leaving tool consumption far behind. This strange phenomenon has become a characteristic of the development of China cnc machine tool industry.

For example, in 2010, China’s machine tool consumption reached a record level of 28.5 billion US dollars. In the same year, tool consumption was US$5 billion, and tool consumption was only 18% of machine tool consumption. Much lower than the level of about 50% in developed countries.

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