Extensive use of 3D laser engraving

In recent years, with the continuous development and wide application of laser technology, the texture effect of engraving the surface in many equipment molds is still very good. Among them, for the surface texture processing process, the use of laser equipment to complete , So the technical advantages in processing are more prominent. Therefore, only after combining the use of its laser, the effect of texture engraving is still more and more diversified.

Since the variety of mechanical molds in China has increased, you will know that there are still a lot of points for laser engraving, which can only be completed with the help of laser equipment. All of these have achieved the desired results during the engraving process, and the use of this technology is becoming more and more extensive.

At present, when the surface texture processing is required on the mold of most mechanical equipment, laser equipment can be used for processing. In terms of its technical level, it will still be higher and higher, achieving precision in the engraving process. The effect will make the surface texture of the mold more attractive.

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