Failures that occur in deep hole drilling and milling machines

No matter how good the deep hole drilling and milling machine equipment is, during the use of the deep hole drilling and boring machine, it is inevitable that some major failures and small problems will occur due to some reasons, which will affect our daily work. The same is true for the use of deep hole drilling and milling machines.

The forward rotation control room of the main shaft is controlled by buttons, electromagnetic slide valves and other components. The cylinder that drives the friction plate is on the I axis. The piston is fixed and the cylinder moves. Press the forward rotation button. The right chamber of the cylinder enters the oil and the friction plate 3 is pressed. Tighten, gear 4 is driven forward; press the reverse button, the oil in the left cavity of the cylinder, friction plate 1 is pressed, gear 2 is driven forward and accelerated, when the cutting load is not large, in the above case, It is possible to switch directly from forward rotation to forward rotation without stopping, and operate directly with the button.

When the cnc machining parts is too heavy or used for a long time, the friction plate in the brake device is worn, and when the brake is not effective, the damping hole of the piston can be adjusted to improve the sensitivity of the brake.

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