Fixing of CNC milling machine tools

CNC milling machines can be divided into the following three categories according to the classification method of general milling machines:

(1) CNC vertical milling machine, bed type CNC milling machine

The axis of the spindle of the CNC vertical milling machine is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. This milling machine accounts for most of the CNC milling machine and is also the most widely used. Three-axis CNC vertical milling machines now account for the majority of CNC  machine china and can generally be processed with three-axis linkage.

(2) Horizontal CNC milling machine, multi-axis CNC milling machine

The spindle axis of the horizontal CNC milling machine is parallel to the horizontal plane. In order to expand the processing scale and expand the function, horizontal CNC milling machines generally choose to increase the number of CNC rotary tables or universal CNC rotary tables to achieve four-axis and five-axis simultaneous processing. In this way, it is possible to process the successive reversal summary of the side of the workpiece, and it can also realize the processing orientation of the part that is changed by the turntable in a single clamping, which is the so-called station, and the processing of multiple orientations or working surfaces.

(3) Vertical and horizontal conversion milling machine, CNC lifting table milling machine

The spindle of this type of milling machine can be changed, and vertical machining and horizontal machining can be performed on the same CNC milling machine, which has the functions of vertical and horizontal milling machines together.

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