Four necessary numbers affecting stainless steel castings

Stainless steel casting, as a product often used in our daily life, is mainly affected by the following four factors:

  • 1、 Stainless steel casting design process. In order to avoid the defects such as deformation, cracking and composition segregation, the geometry and size of sus castings should be determined according to the working conditions and metal material properties, and the rationality of design should be considered according to the casting process characteristics angle and casting alloy.
  • 2、 The reasonable casting process of stainless steel is to select the appropriate molding and core making method according to the structure, size and weight of stainless steel casting. In addition, the chill, riser and gating system should be set reasonably to ensure the quality of stainless steel castings.
  • 3、 Whether the quality of raw materials for stainless steel casting is excellent or not. If the quality of metal furnace charge, solvent, modifier or coating is not up to the standard, the defects such as blowhole, slag inclusion and sand sticking will occur in stainless steel casting, which will affect the internal and external quality of stainless steel casting.
  • 4、 The process operation procedures should be reasonable. In the production of castings, we should constantly improve the technical level of workers, at the same time, formulate reasonable process operation procedures to make the production process correct and reasonable.

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