Four technical indexes of processing fine hole quality

Four important technical indicators for the quality of fine holes in precision parts processing

  • 1. Whether the choice of cutting parameters for precision metal processing is reasonable has a degree of influence on the skewness. Without affecting the production schedule, it is not appropriate to use a large amount of cutting. Increasing the amount of pass will affect the deflection of the hole.
  • 2. The assembly precision of precision metal processing guide sleeve has an important influence on the hole deflection in the deep hole processing, and it is also a sensitive factor. When the machine tool is assembled, the coaxiality of the guide sleeve, the workpiece spindle and the spindle of the drill rod box must be ensured. The hole deflection in deep hole machining is linearly related to the machining length.
  • 3. The grinding angle of the deep hole drill bit will also affect the deflection of the processed hole. It is recommended to use the deep hole drilling angle shown in the figure to get a better hole deflection.
  • 4. Precision metal processing The uniformity of the processed workpiece has a great influence on the deflection. During processing, the deep hole drill bit will shift towards the softer material. Therefore, the heat treatment of the material is very critical in the deep hole processing that requires high deflection.
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