Four Tips On Reading Glasses

  • 1. Presbyopia glasses are mainly optical products used to supplement the eyesight of middle-aged and elderly people, and meet the psychological age of the wearers. Generally, the frame is made of metal, and most of them are made of beryllium copper alloy. Compared with ordinary metal materials, presbyopia glasses have two times stronger corrosion resistance, wear resistance and impact resistance, and their weight is more than 35% lighter.
  • 2. The rubber cover of the mirror frame can be made of good texture material. It is better to have no allergic reaction to the skin, and at the same time, it should also effectively prevent sliding. The nose support can be made of silica gel, combined with the principle of integrated artificial engineering design, can be perfectly fitted.
  • The best material for presbyopia lenses is resin, which can effectively filter ultraviolet, infrared and glare. For the middle-aged and old people, the adjustment and resistance of the eyes are poor. Only by filtering out the harmful strong light and protecting the eyes can we prevent the occurrence of senile cataract, macular disease and other eye diseases.
  • 3. In addition, presbyopia degree is different from myopia degree, so there is no need to wear lenses with too high degree. However, compared with lenses made of other materials, resin lens has the best refractive index, transmittance and anti ultraviolet glare.
  • Presbyopia lenses are generally treated with film or aspheric lens design, which is lighter and thinner than ordinary spherical lenses, with clearer vision and wider vision, so as to ensure that patients can read and work without any obstacles.
  • 4. No matter which kind of presbyopia glasses are selected, when measuring the diopter, first determine the far-use degree, and then calculate the power of presbyopia glasses according to age, occupation and life law, so as to avoid discomfort symptoms such as swelling, headache, dizziness and dizziness during wearing. At the same time in the purchase of presbyopia glasses, to choose a regular point to glasses.
  • Note: it is necessary for the elderly to go to the optician’s shop and follow the doctor’s guidance to match glasses.
  • Glass lenses are heavy and fragile but wear-resistant; resin lenses are light and easy to scratch.
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